Mentorship FAQ


For parents, students and customers.

Last updated 30th April 2024

What is The Beautiful Cloud Group? 

The Beautiful Cloud Group is a new startup based in West London with the goal of providing a different music mentoring experience focused on confidence and creativity rather than meeting grades.

What will my mentor teach? 

We want each student to explore music in their own unique way. Mentors will target different aspects of music learning depending on the instrument and the interests of the student. Their main focus will be to improve a student’s understanding of their instrument, their confidence and their musical creativity.

How do I find a mentor? 

Email or start by filling out our interest form so we can best pair you with one of our amazing mentors.

How do I keep in contact with my mentor? 

We will create a WhatsApp group for you and your mentor so that you can schedule together.

How do I book and arrange lessons?

You can book lessons by the hour on

Email to get paired with a mentor so we can start scheduling lessons. 

How do I pay?

Using you can pay via PayPal or with any major credit or debit card. We ask that you pay before the lessons take place. 

Do I need my own instrument?

We recommend you have your own instrument so that you can practise between lessons. However if you are unable to provide your own instrument, email and may be able to arrange for the mentor to bring the instrument. 

Can I move or cancel a lesson?

We ask that you don’t reschedule lessons too often but we understand that life can get hectic. You may reschedule a lesson up to 24 hours in advance, and cancel a lesson for a full refund with 24 hours notice.

What happens if a student is ill on the day of the lesson?

If you call in sick on the day, we can offer 2 free reschedules within a 3 month term. However, if the mentor is not contacted within 2 hours of the lesson, we cannot offer a reschedule.

How often should I book lessons for my child?

We believe that regular and often mentoring is more effective, at least once a week, so as to keep the music spirit frequent and growing.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can reschedule or cancel a lesson with more than 24 hours notice. However, with less than 24 hours notice, we cannot grant a refund or reschedule the lesson.

Can I change mentors?

If you feel as though you would like a new or different mentor or would like to try a new instrument, email and we can see if a new mentor can fit your schedule.