The Beautiful Cloud Group creates a home for musicians and music lovers delivered by musicians/artists/music lovers. Founded in June 2023, TBCG consist of 3 primary areas: artist consultancy, Live Events Band & our Music Mentoring for younger ages. It's set up to give back to the community of musicians and to inspire the next generation of rock stars to follow their dreams.

Growing up with music creates a soundtrack to your life, it's easily one of the best skills to have/learn and to hone as a human being. The cloud represents a unique identity and how each individual person has their own sound and vision of the world. Creativity is the outlet we must all have the opportunity to explore and here at the group we give opportunities to those of any background, wether its race/sexuality/gender/age.

"The group is a fundamental opportunity to explore whatever you want to do in music and collaborate with some remarkable individuals from accross the planet." -Johnny Monk (founder)

Wether you are starting your career as music artists and need help developing yourself into industry, we have you covered. If you would like to book a fun party band for your special day/event, our musicians are fun, proffesional and dedicated. Or for our for the young superstars of tomorrow, we create tailored, fun and personal mentoring sessions so to craft themselves as an incredible musician/artist.

Johnny Monk (Founder & Musical Director)

B.A. Business & Entrepreneurship at University of West London

Robert Doman (Director & Head of Mentoring)

B.A. Game Development (Falmouth University)

Dan Hardwell (Production Assistant)

B.A. Acting (University of West London)